Walla Walla Valley Medical Society History

In 1882, Dr. M. Pietrzycki of Dayton initiated the first meeting of physicians with the intention of forming a medical society.  On June 27, twenty-two doctors attended the meeting where Dr. Pietrzycki became the first president of what was then called the Southeastern Washington Medical Society.  The Society adopted a Constitution and By-Laws on July 11, 1982 and began regular meetings.

No meeting minutes were recorded from 1883 until April 12, 1901.  In 1901, the medical society was re-organized and re-named the Walla Walla Valley Medical Society and its membership was restricted to doctors of the S.E. Washington area.  The members elected Dr. E. Shaw president on April 12, 1901 and the society held regular meetings at different doctors’ offices until 1911.

No records exist from 1911 to 1918 and it is suspected that World War I is responsible for this interruption. However, the meeting of the Walla Walla Medical Society reconvened in 1918 with the adoption of the 1901 By-laws of the Society.  Dr. Shaw was again voted president.

During the 1930′s, WWVMS expanded its membership to include physicians from the Veteran’s Administration.  The Society also received statewide accolades for the quality of their meetings.  Many well known physicians and speakers gave presentations and the local press covered their meetings until the mid 1950′s.  The society was active in both political lobbying and promoting public health in the county.

In 1950, WWVMS filed a petition to the State of Washington to become a non-profit corporation with affiliation with other county medical societies through out the state.  WWVMS continues its relationship with the Washington State Medical Association to this day.  Members enjoy regular meetings for networking, political involvement, and continued education.